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Attorney Gaudreau specializes in consumer bankruptcy, consumer protection from creditor violations, and criminal defense law for youthful offenders in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Bankruptcy Law in New Hampshire and Massachusetts

In his bankruptcy cases, Attorney Gaudreau aggressively represents consumers in New Hampshire against creditor violations throughout the bankruptcy process.

There are two primary filing options for consumers under bankruptcy law: chapter 7 bankruptcy and chapter 13 bankruptcy. Each option offers debtors benefits under its specific protections, but very specific requirements must be met under each provision. Making the decision to file bankruptcy and which option should be selected is a decision that must be made in partnership with your attorney.

Bankruptcy protection can provide immediate relief and give debtors a fresh start in their financial lives.

You can often stop foreclosure and repossession by protecting your home, cars, and other assets from creditors’ attachments and/or seizures. By filing bankruptcy you can stop

  • creditor phone calls
  • lawsuit attachments against your home
  • court actions
  • foreclosures
  • repossessions
  • wage garnishment

Filing bankruptcy can change your life for the better.

We understand the often overwhelming financial hardship that can cause a debtor to seek bankruptcy protection. We are a caring, compassionate, and experienced team of legal professionals that can change the way you look at your financial life. Many of our clients tell us that filing for bankruptcy changed their lives for the better and enabled them to once again live their lives without fear and harassment.


Criminal Defense Law for Juvenile and Youthful Offenders

Perhaps more than any other age group, New Hampshire’s juveniles facing criminal charges need a dedicated advocate who understands the importance of second chances. Attorney Richard Gaudreau has years of experience working with New Hampshire’s young people, both in his career as a criminal defense attorney and through his community work as a volunteer at The Upper Room, A Family Resource Center’s Greater Derry Juvenile Diversion Program.
Armed with a team of attorneys, the juvenile justice system has the power to aggressively prosecute youthful offenders. In any criminal proceeding, the citizen needs to be proactive about his or her arrest.  If the family and a top defense lawyer are not fighting for a young person, there are few others who will step up and speak for their rights.  

There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Parents should remember that being accused of a juvenile crime does not mean that their child is destined for a life in and out of the penal system. Thousands of kids make youthful, immature decisions every day that can lead to a serious criminal charge. Times have changed from when the police, the prosecutors and even the judges were youths themselves. The penalties for young people in our juvenile justice system are far more severe today than even twenty years ago.
The New Hampshire and Massachusetts Juvenile Courts can be a very serious place with long-lasting consequences for any youth.  For example, many juveniles do not realize that if they are convicted of a possession of marijuana charge, this will disqualify them from obtaining student loans for college.   It is vital to keep your son or daughter's record clean in order to protect their future rights and opportunities.
With the right legal guidance and an experienced juvenile crime defense attorney at your child’s side, many of these young people will successfully navigate the justice system and grow to lead full and productive lives.  Contact our office today at (603) 893-4300 or via email at today to discuss your situation and the next steps to take.  The initial consultation is always free of charge.

To schedule an appointment, simply complete the appointment request form or contact our office at (603) 893-4300.

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Our practice area reaches throughout New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

The information contained here is for educational purposes only and it is not intended as legal advice nor does it constitute the establishment of an attorney-client relationship. You should consult a bankruptcy attorney for specific advice about your situation.

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