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How is our law practice different?

Attorney Richard Gaudreau aggressively represents individuals and small businesses and provides thorough attention to clients throughout their bankruptcy and juvenile defense cases. He does not out-source his work to document-preparers or junior level associates. Beware of "bankruptcy mills" who file bankruptcies at such a high rate that court deadlines and hearings are missed.

Filing your bankruptcy petition is just the beginning of a lengthy process. We believe that your best interests can only be served with personalized attention and the development of a customized bankruptcy plan.

No hidden fees or court charges later!

Many bankruptcy firms provide an initial estimate for bankruptcy filings, but do not include the numerous court fees, class costs and associated third party charges. These hidden fees can add up to additional thousands by the end of your bankruptcy case! The estimate we provide outlines ALL fees, charges and costs.

Attorney Gaudreau takes pride in the quality of his work. You will receive an honest quote about the cost of your bankruptcy or juvenile defense case and we will not add multiple fees to it thereby dramatically increasing your final cost.

Your Initial Bankruptcy Consultation is Free of Charge. .

Our practice area reaches throughout New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

The information contained here is for educational purposes only and it is not intended as legal advice nor does it constitute the establishment of an attorney-client relationship. You should consult a bankruptcy attorney for specific advice about your situation.

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