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Has National Collegiate Trust Sued You?

National Collegiate Student Loan Trust has filed a large number of lawsuits against consumers in New Hampshire.   Before National Collegiate Trust can get a judgment against you, it must prove it owns your student loan.   You never signed a contract with National Collegiate Trust so it’s reasonable to require NCT to prove it owns the debt.  Attorney Gaudreau has written extensively on this subject (see article below).

He has successfully dismissed lawsuits filed by NCT in New Hampshire and also worked out favorable settlements. Don’t default unless you’re prepared to live with the consequences. If National Collegiate Student Loan Trust has sued you or has threatened a lawsuit, please call our office immediately. There are deadlines to answer a complaint. A default judgment in NH is good for 20 years. Know your rights.

To learn more about how Attorney Richard Gaudreau can help with National Collegiate Trust issues, call (603) 893-4300 or email

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